Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, for a while now I've been thinking about a very interesting project idea:
Create a site (or even some other entity, but I will continue using "site" (maybe "community" would be better)) in which all (including content, design, style... everything) changes to the site are voted upon. While this doesn't seem like that novel an idea, the catch is that even the voting system is left up to voting.
There is no (though one could be created) hierarchical ruling body deciding changes, or even anyone owning the physical servers other than the site itself, which would earn money through donations, advertising, merchandising... whatever is decided. Of course, at first it would have to be payed for by donations by the creators, but after a while I see it coming to support itself.
The main problem deals with setting up the site in the first place. This includes programming it to be able to have its own programming manipulated by only the voting system. This naturally leads to the problem of what kind of voting voting system to using in the first place, any slightly unbalanced or otherwise flawed initial state could send the whole thing spiraling far off into disaster.
I see the building the site in the first place as being done by a community of interested developers working on the site, and possibly using a preliminary version of the site (i.e.: mass voting system on code and even the voting system, giving insight onto the project itself through its development, maybe once the code progresses far enough, even using it) to do so, reaching a final project that can be placed on its own (as in owned by it) server.
I may be overly optimistic, but I see such a site, once it is developed and on its feet with changes in it code able to be submitted, voted upon, and automatically enacted as being a very powerful entity. I'd like to see it create an open community for its own development, and even extending further into the real world with people donating money to be truly democratically used for what is collectively decided as good in the world.
Anyway, off my idealistic speculating, any suggestions on how to get such a development project started, any similar projects/ideas, or even tweaking of the main ideas would be greatly appreciated.