Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Latin is useful!

So, I finally reinstalled Google Toolbar after it stopped working with Firefox 3, and decided to check the version. So, I went to the about page (Settings>Help>About Google Toolbar) and guess what I found...
Latin! Now, after taking 3 years of latin, I occasionally run into it in everyday life, but usually it's either been completely swallowed up by English (subpoena, et cetera, id est, exempli gratia, etc.) or pretty bland and uninteresting. Not with Google, though! I immediatly started translating, resiting the urge to just google it:
De parvis grandis acervus erit
Okay, erit: future of to be, [he/she/it] will
De: down from, from, concerning
parvis: ablative of parvus, small
De parvis: From the small
grandis: Grand, big, large, powerful, great
acervus: pile, mound, mass, treasure
grandis acervus: large pile/grand treasure/powerful mass
The great mass will be made from the small [things]!

Good to know I can still remember some latin, and use it for something.

Also happening today: Instant Message spam! For the first time ever for me, I have gotten spam on an IM account. What's up with that, world?